Entry #1

Seagal is back!

2012-01-07 16:31:57 by ken9000

Hey guys, just a quick word to let you know that The Steven Seagal Show is finally back on Newgrounds! I just finished remastering the first episode, and the response has been amazing. You guys really are the best.

I'm working my ass off on episode 2 and 3, and they should be coming out soon. Be sure to follow me on Facebook and Twitter for exclusive updates, sneak peaks, and behind-the-scenes stuff.


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2012-01-09 02:50:28

dont even think to stop man xD great job. good luck with the 2 and 3 then ;D


2012-01-10 16:41:30

Stephen Seagal Episode 3 is my all-time favorite Flash movie.


2012-01-12 18:44:48

What's up with the last two storyboard slides?.. haha


2012-01-16 20:17:10

Where have you been! Ive been waiting so long for these :) thanks for coming back.