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New Steven Seagal Show #2

Posted by ken9000 - April 4th, 2012

The 11th Anniversary Edition of The Steven Seagal Show #2 is here on Newgrounds!

Go check it out!

I wanna give a HUGE THANKS to Tom for sponsoring this episode! I know it's been said a million times, but he really is the best!

New Steven Seagal Show #2

Comments (18)

Good old hyper violence. The spine being ripped out made my butthole pucker in disgust.

Loved it !

Violence the way it should be done. I hate things like Madness, where there's zero humor to it, but this is great. I also love the little touch of Sly showing up again the way he does - hilarious!

Are you planning on doing more episodes?

Great work, the animation is so good it makes me hate tweens just a little bit less.
Just a little bit.

Great work, the animation is so good it makes me hate tweens just a little bit less.
Just a little bit.

Just as good as I remembered it. I can't wait for #3.

nice job on the caricatures and ultraviolence broski

The original Episode 3 was my all-time favorite flash movie. But with the way you're revamping everything, I think I'll have a new favorite movie soon. Thanks.

nice job man was woth 1st place xD

It's awesome to see your work on Newgrounds again. Your work was a great inspiration back when I was starting.

One fat guy in between another fat guy?

That was fantastic!

Aw, man, I love you! I have never laughed so hard watching a flash video until now! Great job, I love your work and cannot wait to see more! :)

I love you and want you to have my babies.

I love the Steven Seagal show, but I'm still hoping for another Non-Livingstons episide!

Thanks for bringing me back to my child hood (ok my 18~22 lol)... Please... PLEASE tell me you're going to remaster the one vs the Toilet boys! Was my favorite of all! Keep up the awesome work =D

I love this show

how much longer til episode 3

lol miss ya dude, we need more of leave it to bush as well as the steven segal show.